Current version : v6

Released : Feb 2020

Windows PC download from github:

retired v5 archive


0.6 28/09/18

Updated to use CSpect v1.8 by Mike Dailly please see the readmes in \Emu\cspect

Added Shiru's AYFX engine, can be manually called or initiate an IM routine
Added Layer2 Plot : PlotL2(x,y,colour[0-255])
Added userdefinable commands into scripts using a post compiler parser, this required a rewrite of some of the build scripts:

eg. these can be added to the top of your source file :

'!sna "h:\stars2.sna" -a ; this will copy the compiled.sna to h:\stars.sna, the - a will create a new autoexec.bas
'!exec "del h:\nextzxos\autoexec.bas" ; this will execute the command line "del h:\nextzxos\autoexec.bas" (in effect deleting my autoexec.bas from my flashair)
'!bin "final.bin" ; creates a copy of the temp.bin to "final.bin"
'!noemu ; dont launch emulator when compiling
'!data -f "h:\data" ; will copy new files in the data folder to "h:\data", -f to copy all 
'!v ; this is verbose post compiler, useful for debugging postcompiler issues and off by default

Added ability to change "Start Address" instead of always being fixed at 24576

Massive update!
Now includes the NextLib which can be used with including : 

#INCLDUE <nextlib.bas> 

in your program and facilatates the following NEW commands to use

**SD Card :
LoadSD(filename$,address,length,offset) ; Loads from SD card
SaveSD(filename$,address,length) ; Saves to SD card 
LoadBMP(filenam$) ; loads bmp to layer2 

NOTE : in your project folder SD access files should be in the data folder. Compile includes
should be in the root of your project folder.

ShowLayer2(1=on 0 off)
InitSprites(Number of sprites to upload, address of data)
UpdateSprite(X,Y,sprite slow,sprite image,mirror & flip)
DoTile(x,y,tile number) ; 16x16px tiles start at $c000
DoTile8(x,y,tile number) ; 8x8px tiles start at $c000
PalUpload(address of palette,colours to upload,start from offet)
TileMap(address of tilemap, start offset,number of tiles) ; this is for 8x8 tiles 
ClipLayer2(x1,x2,y1,y2) ; clips layer 2 defaults 0,255,0,191
MMU(slot,bank number) ; swaps in 8kb memory page into slots 0-7 $0000-$1fff, $2000-$3fff, $4000-$5fff, 
; $6000-$7fff,$8000-$9fff,$a000-$bfff,$c000-$dfff,$e000-$ffff 
; normal bank paging is carried out on slots 6 & 7 $c000-$ffff
bank=GetMMU(slot) ; returns 8kb memory bank in slot
NextReg(reg,val) ; this is a macro for $91ED
NextRegA(reg,val) ; this sets a with val and does $92ED 

zx7Unpack(source,destination) ; decompressor from the amazing Eianr Saukas 

Fixes :

Now detects when the compialtion fails and shows the logs rather than running the emulation (Thanks Johnny)
Array check has been renamed "Launch Fuse" in BorIDE and fixed to work properly
Now store the data files inside the data directory in your project folder, the MMC for CSpect
will be automatically mapped. 
Fixed crashes on certain commands (Print32/64/str etc) that relied on zxbasic sysvars being set
Cleaner output in the compile console 
BorIDE moved to own folder and start address adjusted to always be 24576 and heap 1000
Lots of stuff cleaned up and tidied up. 
In CSpect debugger the address labels are shown in the debugger with F1, F7 step

Now autosets the compiler / last dir in the BorIDE config 
Refactered Scripts
Removed lots of redundant data files that were left over from testing

Intial release

DetectBlock isnt working on scrolling yet