GetIt beta Released

GetIt is a content delivery tool for you ZX Spectrum Next. With GetIt you can browse games, applications, demos and music from an online archive.

GetIt also allows you to search the music database to download and play music, but not only that – we can also search and download Amiga MODs from – no pi0 required!

OK – enough of this how do I get GetIt? That’s easy!

Make sure your Wifi is working and connected to your internet.

From the NextZXOS menu pick “Command Line”

Now type the following commands:

  • .mkdir “getit”
  • .cd “getit”
  • .http get -h -u /go -f install.bas
  • load “install.bas”

That’s it! The installer will download some new files and once complete reset. Go into the GetIt folder and run “GetIt.bas” – do not run the NEX file!

You can view the database and register for an account by going to

Main MOTD page

From the main menu you will have these options

  • Search
    • search software archive for string
  • Categories
    • View software archive by software type App, Games, Tools, Music, Graphcis
  • Music Search
    • Search MOD archive for search string or use “@” to view AY music archives
  • Manage Files
    • Not fully implemented
  • Extract ZIP
    • Extract a ZIP
  • Launch NEX
    • Launch NEX file

Results of the search all


Use the cursor keys and space to navigate the menu system.

Picking a title to download

MOD search results for “ghost”

Downloading PT3 files

Video preview

And here’s a small video taking you through the features.

  •  NextBuild
  •  boriel’s ZX Basic Compiler
  •  http by Remy Sharp
  •  zx7 by Einar Saukas
  •  nxmodplayer enginer by 9bitColor

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