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Graphics / Design

UDGeedNext – Simple ZX Next Sprite Editor (included with NextBuild)

ZX Modules / ZX PaintBrush – Windows graphics editor for tradition ULA graphics

ProMotion – Premier Windows graphics application, supports tile maps and animations, think DPaint

Sound / Music

NextDAW – 9 channel (3xAY) Digital audio workstation by Gari Biasillo

VortexTracker 2.5 – AY Music tracker for WIndows

Beepola (for beeper music) – Beeper Music tracker for Windows

AYFX – AY FX engine by Shiru

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Gaming on the ZX Spectrum Next Facebook Group

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Thanks to Michael Ware, Mike Dailly, Gary Lancaster, Jose Rodrigez, LCD, Jim Bagley, Phoebos Dokos, Tim Gilberts, Allan Albright, Mike Cadwallader, Gari Biasillo, Robin Van Guest, Kev Brady, Uwe Geiken, Matthew Logue, Alan Turvey and anyone else I’ve forgotten.