HDFMGooey 1.4

1.4 Fixed Cspect downloading location as javalemmings no longer hosts the archive.

1.3 Fixed downloading issues. Files are now downloaded from github for hdfmonkey.
Added right click context menu on right explorer

It is still no possible to remove directories that contain files – this is a limitation of hdfmonkey.

The following structure is now created on first use when the requirements are downloaded:

  • .\hdfm-gooey
  • .\hdfm-gooey\cspect\
  • .\hdfm-gooey\hdfmonkey\
  • .\hdfm-gooey\img

\cspect\ – will contain the CSpect emulator
\hdfmonkey\ – will contain hdfmonkey.exe
\img\ – will contain your chosen ZX Next Distro image

If you wish to stop CSpect exiting when ESC is pressed you can click the CFG button and change the config line “esc=0” to “esc=1” then save.

A tool that simplifies downloading and setting up the ZX Spectrum Next distribution, which can then be used along with CSpect emulator so you can get up and running with the minimal amount of effort.

DOWNLOAD : v1.4 2/01/24 hdfgooey-latest.zip

HDFMGooey also allows you to easily edit HDF files that are used in FUSE, ZEsaruX and CSpect by acting as a front end to Gasman’s HDF Monkey.

Windows only.

hdfmonkey is by Matt Westcott
CSpect emulator is by Mike Dailly
Distro and ROMS SpecNext

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