Running NextBuild

NextBuild has been designed to be simple and straightforward to set up.

  1. Download the latest NextBuild from the download page
  2. Extract the NextBuild folder to your chosen location
  3. Double click NextBuildLauncher.exe
  4. That’s it!
The extracted NextBuild archive will look like this

NB You may need to allow your Antivirus to run some components of NextBuild, we use a number of scripts and custom executable that most AVs wont recognise. 

When you open NextBuild you should be presented with and empty BorIDE:

An empty BorIDE awaits your creativity!

From here we can either write our own program or load one of the example sources. Lets open one of the example sources.

  1. On the top menu click the “open project” button
  2. Select Sprites folder, then load MovingSprites.bas
    MovingSprites.bas will load into BorIDE, this will take a moment as it has the sprite data included in the source!

    Example has loaded
  3. Now to compile we can press F9 or click the compile button on the menu bar
  4. CSpect should launch and run the code

    CSpect running the code
  5. Press exit to quit CSpect. Well done! We’re up an running!

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